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What’s in a DateFactory box?

Below is what you can expect from our incredibly popular Mafia box.


As you can see you get something to drink, something to eat and a lot of fun games! We won’t go into all the details of what exactly those games are (as it will spoil the surprise), but you will have loads of fun with them!


You don’t have to be the godfather to join this Mafia! It’s time to treat your partner to a date night they won’t forget, Capeesh?! Step into the world of the high-rollers with the Mafia box and see how your Italian accent improves in no time! Cook up a storm (recipe included), try your luck at a game of poker and settle in with some real Italian treats for dessert. The ace up your sleeve is the sexy game you will play after you wine and dine your partner- no need to suit up for this one!


Click here to check it out in the store. Get it, while stocks last!


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