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Sweet and Spicy Salsa Night!


If you are in the mood for something spicy, a little bit of heat or a saucy time with your hottie, then this box is for you. Turn up the vibe with some sexy sounds and show off your hot dance moves, even if you have two left feet, we’ve got you covered (dance teacher not included!). Very soon you will be dreaming of smouldering nights filled with salsa dancing under the Puerto Rican sky! Just before the night is over, you’ll cool things down with something sweet, or maybe you will save dessert for the next morning!

What you’ll need: Remember that you will need to freeze the cocktails ahead of time, or you can perhaps just have ice on hand in order to still enjoy a refreshing cold cocktail. Then you need cream cheese, beef/chicken strips, cheddar/gouda cheese, ice-cream, guacamole and chillies (if you like to spice things up). You will also need something to blindfold your partner with and some Mexican/South American music for atmosphere. Finally you’ll need a living room or area where you will be able to dance, with access to Youtube.

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