How much does each box cost?

Prices start at R385 per month, excluding delivery to major centres across South Africa.


What’s in the box?

Ok, so by trying this angle, we know you are smart, but seriously, we have to be a dark horse about it. However, we do promise it to be something good, something food and something for the mood (not necessarily the sexy mood though).
Each box will have a theme with a suitable activity, something yummy to nibble on, and something great to drink.


Who is DateFactory for?

Anyone in a committed relationship. We strive to keep couples together for the long run by helping them make memories, nurture connection and deepening their bond.


When do you ship?

Anything from 1 to 8 working days from receiving proof of payment.


Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately not yet! Sorry you Namibia peeps!


Will the box include everything I need, or will I need to go buy a bunch of stuff?

As far as possible, yes! Unfortunately shipping perishable products are difficult, but we are working towards it. You will be notified in advance if you are required to buy anything or do some pre-planning to make your date night AMAZING!!


What about refunds/returns?

Like we all know, things happen. Sometimes we don’t have control over it. So, if for some reason your box arrives, and it’s damaged, or unusable, or there is some other special case that you think warrants a refund/return consideration, please contact us! We want to take care of you. Please make EXTRA sure to CHECK your box for any signs of damage upon receiving it.
If the date you received isn’t your cup-a-tea at all, well, we urge you to let us know as SOON as possible (via phone call or email) and give us one more chance to impress before you break up with us forever and ever. You can even consider gifting the box to your favourite couple!
If the box is undamaged and complete but we do decide that a refund is in order, please note that the courier fee (which is a fixed cost) will be at your expense.
But please keep in mind, growth happens when we are 20% out of our comfort zone. So maybe you should just give it a try!


What about snacks?

Our dates will include snacks, sometimes even dinner, but we will let you lovely people know in advance. We know many of you may have gluten, or dairy intolerances. Some of you may be avoiding sugar, and others might be vegans or vegetarians or on the 2:5 diet, banting or even paleo.
Sooooo, unfortunately we can’t guarantee that everything we include in our box will meet everyone’s dietary preferences. We hope to be able to take these things into account down the road, but right now it’s just not possible for us to customize our boxes like that.
Thanks for understanding – just one of the things that makes you GREAT, awesome quality to have, you know!


Do you like POODLES?

Flip JAAAA!!! They’re so FLUFFY, I could die!!


Are they indoor or outdoor dates?

Depends on the date, most of them will be able to happen indoor though.


How long will it take to get my box?

From the date that you order (send your proof of payment or your credit card payment clears) until you have the box in your possession can be anything from 1-8 weekdays. We are committed to deliver the BEST service you can possibly get. Our boxes are shipped across the whole of South Africa. We will send you an email with the tracking number, so you could keep a close eye on your box.